UHV Technology and Offshore Wind Webinar Convened by GEIDCO and Eurelectric

On April 20, the Webinar on UHV Technology and Offshore Wind was co-organized virtually by GEIDCO and Eurelectric. Haibin WAN, High Commissioner of GEIDCO, Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric, and Arthouros Zervos, Chair of GEIDCO European Regional Committee attended and addressed the event.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Haibin WAN said, to build back better and sustainably in the post-COVID era, we should steer the recovery and future growth towards green and low-carbon development by adopting structure shift to end the addiction to fossil fuels, and embracing a clean energy system characterized by low-carbon and high-efficiency. The UHV, a transmission technology featured by high efficiency and cost-effectiveness, is an important platform for the large-scale development, utilization and optimum distribution of clean energy resources. China’s UHV endeavors provide a technical paradigm for a clean and green transition of global energy sector. GEIDCO is always open for communication and cooperation so as to promote the development of Global, and especially European Energy Interconnection.

Mr. Kristian Ruby pointed out that, moving towards low carbon development will play an important role in promoting sustainable development and economic prosperity. The European power sector is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2045. Working towards that carbon neutral future, we need to collaborate with important international partners such as China and the United States. The large-scale development and long-distance transmission of offshore wind power are important issues in the European power sector. We look forward to learning from China’s experience in UHV and renewable energy development. Eurelectric will strengthen our cooperation with GEIDCO in this regard.

In the sessions on UHV transmission technology and offshore wind development in Europe, experts from Europe and China share the latest development, strategies and roadmap on these subjects and conducted in-depth exchange and discussion, exploring best solutions to address some of the issues related to renewable energy development and utilization. The speakers include Hélène Lavray, senior consultant of Eurelectric Secretariat, Karim Karoui, Technical Director of Energy Transition Department of ENGIE, Nicolas Chamollet, Senior Manager of EDF, and Hui Ning, project manager of China XD Group as well as experts from GEIDCO.

In the concluding remarks, Mr. Arthouros Zervos noted that, UHV has huge advantages in long-distance and large-capacity power transmission. It is worthy of learning from China’s successful experience in UHV power transmission. As European offshore wind power booms and energy transition advances, we should fully recognize the importance of global energy interconnection from a global perspective of energy transition and climate issues, and fundamentally solve the problems such as most clean energy bases far away from load centers and optimal allocation of clean energy on a larger scale.

More than 150 participants joined the Webinar online, including China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG), PowerChina, China XD Group, State Grid International Development Co., Ltd., China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd., NARI Group, Eurelectric, Electricite De France (EDF), ENGIE, Electricidade Industrial Portuguesa (EIP), Vattenfal, the ELIA, World Meteorological Organization, French SuperGrid Institute, Hitachi ABB Grid, Siemens Energy and others.