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Project Development Ideas

GEIDCO pushes forward the implementation of projects based on effective strategic planning, business pattern innovation and technology development.

Project Development Models

GEIDCO proposes different development models for different areas in the world. For Africa which is blessed with abundant mineral and clean energy resources but facing with low level of industrialization and lack of consumer market, a new model for the co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and trade is proposed. In this model, electricity, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and trade form a virtuous circle of economic development. While giving full play to the potential of each elements in the chain of integrated development, the model breaks through the barriers among the isolated elements to fully explore the synergy, so as to solve the dilemma of economic development.


The co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and trade suggests: rely on regional endowments, vigorously develop regional clean energy resources, strengthen power grid construction, ensure sufficient and reliable power supply for industrial development, take metallurgical industry as the leading force to drive the development of the whole industrial chain, form an integrated development pattern of mining, smelting and deep processing, innovate investment and financing modes, expand the scale of regional and international trade, improve the export earning capacity, and realize co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, processing manufacturing and trade. The model can effectively solve the problems of "lack of electricity" in mineral development and industrial parks, "lack of market" in electric power development, "lack of credit" in project financing, and "lack of guarantee" in investment returns. Thus it is able to transform resource advantages into economic advantages, and ensure sustainable economic and social development.

Based on the new model for the co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and trade and Africa’s resource endowment, GEIDCO suggests:

1.Developing advantageous industries and building demonstration regions. First, giving priority to the development of metallurgical industries and considering the reserves and distribution of mineral resources in Africa, Africa will focus on the development of steel, electrolytic aluminum, refined copper and other metallurgical sub-industries. Second, based on the geographical advantage and combined with factors such as mineral base, transportation hub and industrial development foundation, Africa will focus on building a number of mining and metallurgy processing demonstration industrial parks to lead the development of the metallurgical industry.

2.Through large-scale development of clean energy and the Interconnection of power grids, the power demand for economic growth will be ensured. According to the output planning of major metallurgical products, it is estimated that the power demand in metallurgical industry in Africa would reach 160.6 TWh, 333.8 TWh and 543.4 TWh in 2020, 2040 and 2050 respectively, significantly exceeding the existing power generation capacity, Africa will coordinate the development of clean energy and the interconnection of power grids to form a virtuous circle in which power development has a market and project revenue is guaranteed.

Project Library Information

Global Energy Interconnection Key Project Library (hereinafter referred to as “Project Library”) is a platform to display project information, link potential relevant sides and provide channels for project negotiation and investment. The framework of the Project Library is as follows:



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