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Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is a globally intercon- nected robust and smart grid which takes Ultra-high voltage grid as its backbone. It serves as a global platform for exten- sive development, delivery and utilization of clean energy. In essence, GEI is "Smart Grid + UHV Grid + Clean Energy". Smart grid is the foundation, UHV grid is the key, and clean energy is the priority. Establishing GEI and implementing Two Replacements (Clean Replacement and Electricity Replace- ment), could build a new energy structure dominated by clean energy, centered on electricity and allocated globally, realize global energy transition from fossil energy dominating to clean energy dominating.

The Global Energy Interconnection Development and Coop- eration Organization (GEIDCO), founded in March 2016, is a non-governmental, non-profit international organization among willing firms, associations, institutions and individuals who are dedicated to promoting the sustainable development of energy worldwide. The purpose of GEIDCO is to promote the establishment of GEI, to meet the global electricity demand in a clean and green way, to implement the United Nations "Sus- tainable Energy for All" and climate change initiatives, and to serve the sustainable development of humanity.

2016 was a groundbreaking year for GEIDCO, as evidenced by widely recognized concepts across the continents, strengthened global and social influence, exchanges with the United Nations and major countries in the world, successful international con- ferences, important research results published, etc., all of these promote GEI to a new level.

More importantly, supported by our members, GEIDCO strengthened its organi- zation construction in 2016, and among others, our Think-Tank system with the Economic and Technological Research Center as the core was taking shape, to enable serving the members, supporting decision-making and securing develop- ment, and is enhancing above abilities continuously.

This report is part of the research outputs achieved by GEIDCO's Think-Tank, which reviews the development of global energy and electric power situation as well as changes under internal and external conditions that conform to the concept of GEI in 2016, investigates the development maturity and potential of GEI in different regions and typical countries, and outlooks development priorities, im- plementation approaches, construction effect and development vision in the short and mid-term. It is expected to be a reference for colleagues who are dedicated to energy and power analysis and interconnection studies.

Environmental issues, climate change, energy supply for sustainable socioeco- nomic development and other issues currently faced by the international commu- nity affect, directly or indirectly, human's survival and development. The demand for energy transition is a "lock" to the aforesaid issues, and GEI is the "key" for this lock. GEIDCO is ready to ride through the wave and work together with those who share the same aspiration for a clean and sustainable development of human society.