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GEI Plan

Asia Energy Interconnection

is to divide Asia into 6 regions. West Asia and Central Asia are sources for electric power transmission. Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia are load centers that receive electric power and China is the hub linking resource-rich areas with load centers. Therefore, it is of great necessity to accelerate the development of clean energy bases in Central Asia, West Asia, Mongolia, Russia’s Far East, northern China and southwest China to realize power transmission to load centers in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and South Asia through China. In this way, the landscape of “power transmission from West to East and electricity transmission from North to South” will be established and Asian Energy Interconnection will be realized.

Europe Energy Interconnection

attaches equal importance to energy development within the continent and power transmission from outside the continent, strengthening the construction of the backbone grid so as to support the massive development and use of clean energy in the continent and promote grid interconnection among Europe, Asia and Africa. Such an approach will accelerate the introduction of clean power from Asia and Africa so as to increase energy supply. In this way, the energy interconnection among Europe, Asia and Africa can be achieved, to further promote sustainable development goals and optimization of resource allocation.

Africa Energy Interconnection

is to accelerate the development of large-scale hydropower, wind power and solar power bases and all kinds of distributed generation to tackle energy constraints from the root for the social and economic development; build smart distribution power networks in different countries to connect “the last mile” and realize power access to all; speed up the construction of backbone grids in individual countries and five major regional power grids to promote intracontinental interconnection and realize cross-border and trans-regional efficient power allocation; and promote Africa-Europe and Africa-Asia interconnection for intercontinental energy transmission and form African Energy Interconnection that closely connects countries inside and outside Africa in an efficient and complementary manner.

America Energy Interconnection

is to speed up the development of Canada’s hydropower and clean energy in the southwestern and central US and northern Mexico, and to deliver the power to load centers on the east and west coasts of the US; develop clean energies in the Amazon, Chile and Peru to form a pattern of delivering electricity from North to South and from West to East in South America; and realize North America-South America intercontinental interconnection via Central America.

Ocean Energy Interconnection

is to build solar power, wind power and offshore wind power bases in central and western Australia so as to supply power to load centers in the South and Southeast and construct grid interconnection projects between Australia and Indonesia, with the goal of supplying power to Asia.