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Africa is the most promising region in the world. In recent years, Africa has experienced rapid economic growth and become an important growth pole in the world economy. This rapid economic growth is expected to maintain its high level in the future. Africa is endowed with especially abundant clean energy resources of which hydro, wind and solar respectively account for 11%, 32% and 40% of the world totals. Geothermal, marine and biomass energies are also widely distributed in Africa. These enviable nature gifts ensure large-scale exploitation and utilization which will be essential for sustainable development of society and economy in Africa. Through the construction of Africa Energy Interconnection and a cross-border/inter-regional energy distribution platform, large-scale exploitation, optimal distribution and efficient utilization of clean energies can be realized.

Based on the current situation of Africa, GEIDCO has conducted this Africa Energy Interconnection Research, proposing co-development of electricity, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and trade, aiming to achieve clean and sustainable future. This research focuses on the difficulties and hot issues regarding development of energy and power in Africa, including the opportunities in sustainable development, the future trend of energy & power, the feasible mode and layout of clean energy exploitation, and the overall/regional energy interconnection scheme. Furthermore, implementation timing and key projects are proposed in this research. Investment and comprehensive economic, social and environmental benefits are analyzed.

Accelerating the construction of Africa Energy Interconnection will promote cross-border and inter-regional interconnection, and potently ensure reliable and affordable supply of clean energy as a driving force for the development of industrialization and regional integration in Africa. In this way, the“2030 Agenda”of United Nations and the“2063 Agenda”of African Union can be implemented to realize the autonomously sustainable development of Africa and further promote the construction of the Community of Shared Future for Mankind.