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North America is characterized by developed economy and society, close regional cooperation, high level of free trade and economic integrationeading scientific and educational level, sound business environment, large reserves of energy resources and other prominent advantages.Nevertheless, it also faces economic growth slowdown, infrastructure lag,and carbon emissions from massive consumption of fossil energy and other development challenges. In recent years, the North American countries have actively explored transformation and innovation, formulated the grand national development plan, promoted the transformation and upgrading of industry and infrastructure construction, put forward targets on tackling climate change and reducing emissions and actively promoted the clean energy system development in order to ensure safe, clean and efficient supply of energy in North America and lay an important foundation for sustainable development of North America. The key to achieving sustainable development in North America is green and low-carbon development. With abundant advantages of clean energy resources, it is aimed to create a new driving force for green economic development, actively respond to climate change, deepen regional integration and achieve comprehensive and coordinated development in such aspects as economic growth, social progress and ecological protection.

Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) is an interconnected and shared modernenergy system dominated by clean energy and centered on electricity, which is an important platform for the large-scale development, deployment and  use of clean energy worldwide. The construction of GEI is an important measure for the thorough implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement, effective response to climate change and sustainable development of mankind. The core of North America’s green and lowcarbon energy development is to uphold the GEI concept, establish the North America Energy Interconnection, accelerate the development of clean energy, strengthen energy infrastructure interconnection, achieve energy transformation and green and low-carbon development, and build a modern energy system for the large-scale production, allocation and use of clean energy in North America.

Based on the economic and social environment and the actual development of energy and electricity in North America, the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization has carried out a research on the North America Energy Interconnection to provide innovative solutions for the sustainable development of North America’s economic and social environment. The main research contents are as follows:

1 Comprehensively analyzing the foundation, development objectives and challenges of sustainable development in North America, studying the economic, social and environmental development directions for achieving sustainable development in North America, and putting forward the general idea and development priorities for the development of energy interconnection in North America;

2 Systematically analyzing the development trend of energy and electricity in North America, and studying the total consumer demand and structure of energy, power supply and demand and distribution considering the goal of globally controlling the temperature rise at 2°C;

3 Analyzing and evaluating the reserves and distribution of clean energy in North America, and studying the development pattern of clean energy and the development layout of large-scale clean energy bases;

4 Analyzing the distribution of North America’s resource endowment and power demand, studying the development orientation, power flow direction and scale of each region, and proposing the overall pattern of North America Energy Interconnection, phased implementation plan and key interconnection projects;

5 Studying and analyzing the investment scale of North America Energy Interconnection, and evaluating the comprehensive value and benefits of economic, social, environmental and political aspects of construction of the North American energy interconnection;

6 Looking forward to the path and scenario of North America’s energy and electricity development considering the goal of globally controlling the temperature rise at 1.5°C.