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Asia is an important birthplace of human civilization,and it comprises one third of the world land area with two thirds of the world population.In Asia,most countries are developing economies.Riding on the trends of peace,cooperation and win-win development,the rapid rise of emerging markets and developing countries has made Asia one of the most vibrant and promising areas in the world.At the same time,as Asia faces unbalanced regional economic growth,climate change,environmental pollution and other challenges,economic growth and improvement in people’s livelihood are of great concern.

At the crossroads of opportunities and challenges,Asian countries have reached a new consensus to coordinate the relationships among economy,society and environment,and to pursue green,low-carbon and sustainable development.Energy is an important foundation of economic and social development.Starting from energy transition,Asian countries should leverage the complementary nature of sub-regional economy and resources,advance the development of clean energy,expand shared interests of all concerned parties and build an energy community of common interests.This is a development path in line with the overall interests of all Asian countries.

Global Energy Interconnection(GEI)is an important carrier to achieve green,low-carbon and sustainable development and benefit sharing.It is a clean energy-dominant,electric-centric modern energy system that is globally interconnected,jointly constructed and mutually beneficial to all.Asia Energy Interconnection is an important part of the system.Building Asia Energy Interconnection consistent with the green and low-carbon development trends could facilitate energy transition,boost economic and social cooperation,address environmental issues and drive the economic and social growth of Asia in a clean and green way.

Based on Asia’s economic and social characteristics and development status of its energy and power industry,and upholding the development concept of GEI,this report proposes the idea of clean and sustainable development,discusses and estimates the development trends of energy and power.In the meantime,based on the clean energy resource distribution and development layout in Asia,an Asia Energy Interconnection solution is proposed,as well as the interconnection projects.The report also analyzes the interconnection scheme among Asia,Africa and Europe in the future and the comprehensive benefits of Asia Energy Interconnection.In addition,the report looks into possible pathways for Asia’s energy and power development under the 1.5°C temperature control target.The study aims to provide an Asia energy interconnection solution with security,cleanliness and efficiency,to promote sustainable development and bolster the common prosperity of Asia.